3rd July 2023

Driving instructor competence

In this blog we discuss the manner in which a driving instructor’s competence changes with the passing of time and what factors affect the change and […]
22nd June 2023

Transparent Communication

How does a driving instructor avoid customer dissatisfaction?  One of the most important aspects of providing a service is transparency in communications. Customers want to know what […]
20th June 2023

The Daily Workload

The daily workload for a BIG TOM franchisee looks and feels entirely different to that of a driving instructor who only provides pay as you go […]
15th June 2023

What really counts is not always counted

The BIG TOM Driving School Franchise has systems in place to capture customers’ feelings about their experience with us. But of course, not everything that is […]
12th June 2023

Purposeful questions

You are a recently qualified driving instructor, providing driving training on the subject of the “Emergency Stop”. You feel comfortable knowing the subject well. But you […]
8th June 2023

Trainee driving instructor question

In this blog, the franchise owner, Tom Ingram, gives some insight into his vision of how the BIG TOM driving training programme assists customers.    “I […]
26th May 2023

Median average UK salary

According to the ONS, the median average salary in the UK is £33,000. One of the primary causes of dissatisfaction among UK driving instructors is failing to […]
26th May 2023

Does it matter where you take your driving test?

In a recent meeting between the National Association Strategic Partnership and the DVSA (20/05/2023), the subject of pupils taking driving tests in non-preferred test centres was […]
24th May 2023

Giving you above average benefits

Customers who obtain their driving licence in a number of days or weeks are not just happy with the service provided to them, they are delirious. […]
24th May 2023

Booking your introductory session

Welcome to the BIG TOM Driving School Franchise. In the online introductory session, which lasts no longer than 15 minutes, you can expect the following subjects […]
6th December 2023

Would I be a good driving instructor

In this video we explore the idea of what being a good driving instructor really means. Owner of the BIG TOM Franchise gives some practical examples […]
5th December 2023

Expert advice

Franchisees of BIG TOM are supported with expert advice to help them achieve successful outcomes with their pupils. Take the example below of how to develop […]
26th November 2023

How to run a driving school with ease

If you think that running a successful driving school only concerns the giving of driving training then this blog is for you.        To […]
24th November 2023

Driving school businesses and the cost of living

The Christmas 2023 edition of the BBC British History Magazine is pretty clear about the current cost-of-living crisis in the UK. Here is a snippet:   […]