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24th November 2023
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5th December 2023

How to run a driving school with ease

If you think that running a successful driving school only concerns the giving of driving training then this blog is for you. 




To run a driving school efficiently with as little impact on your personal life as possible then first of all, consider what activities and skills are required. 

A business thrives on its reputation, the value being offered and the question of whether a new customer can trust it. If you think of any business in your mind that you instinctively like, you will notice it has a good reputation, there is known value in the service or product and it has years of experience helping customers, just like you. 

These attributes are not created overnight, or even over a period of weeks and months. It takes time for a business to develop a good reputation. BIG TOM was established in 2009 and has been around for a while now.  

The value being provided to customers is clear: quality driving training tailored to their needs. The value being provided to franchisees is clear: systems, knowledge and business skills to create a successful business.  

Take the activity of filling your diary as an example. There are lots of organisations out there that simply connect a learner with a driving instructor. The problem with that, especially from the view of a newly qualified driving instructor is that it only puts a customer in front of you, it does not care how you provide your service. 

Customer service really matters. 

When you operate within the BIG TOM Franchise, you discover that a great deal of high-quality work occurs on your behalf before you even see the pupil in your car. From marketing, sales management, tailoring the training programme, filling your diary, collecting customer payments, handling Terms & Conditions consent, providing resources to customers, accountancy support and continued business support, there are lots of reasons why you would join us.  

The good news is that your induction training introduces you to our CRM and Operations Manual which makes your life so much easier. You don’t get texts and calls at all times of day and night from customers. You don’t have to worry that pupils are not given guidance and support prior to their in-car driving training. You will see that customers pay you 21 days in advance of the training. You do not need to pay website management fees or trouble yourself with high-end SEO content. You can stipulate days or times when you do NOT want any bookings, and you only pay for when you work. The dreaded topic of driving test bookings are created for pupils, without your involvement.  

Without the BIG TOM Franchise benefits, you face the lonely task of lead generation, customer interactions at all times of the day, inefficiency and waste. For peace of mind, start your new business venture with professionalism and consistency by joining the BIG TOM Franchise.