A Helping Hand for PDIs
4th January 2024
Accurately identifying why driving mistakes happen
7th January 2024

Marketing done for you

The PDI is now an ADI! Exciting times! But what next? How to market your new business? 


What many do is start off with a low-cost website, some will register their business with Google, fewer will advertise in the local press and even less will do a mail drop in local residential areas. And that is the extent of marketing for the new driving school business. 


Let’s be a bit kinder, at a push, some will ask the local university to put up a few signs, maybe the same at the local secondary school; but this really is the sum activity of the marketing plan. And this is hardly surprising given the fact that most new ADI’s thought the difficult bit of starting the new business was to qualify. 


Many newly qualified instructors struggle to break through the 3k per month earnings barrier because there is no marketing strategy. What tends to happen is when they realise that the diary is only running at about 50% capacity, they lower their prices in the hope that will sort the problem out. 


For the daily financial outlay of one of those Starbucks iced cappuccinos that you like, you could join the BIG TOM Franchise and we will do all of your marketing efforts for you – you will not have to lift a finger! We get you your pupils, fill your diary as you want it and collect your payments in advance – 21 days in advance. 


What are you waiting for? It really isn’t necessary for you to be picking up the crumbs of driving school business in your local community – get in touch with BIG TOM today, and start earning some serious money. Call 01928 508 833