BIG TOM Driving School Franchise provides a professional, comprehensive structure to driving instructor training. We offer immediate availability training for the following three modules (below). 1:1 remote online training or in-car with real pupils. Your training is tracked, the progress recorded and you are given the opportunity to personalise the content to your individual needs. We acknowledge your previous skillsets from other careers and we create efficient training

Theory Study: Part 1 “Knowledge is power”

Driving training: Part 2 is an assessment of your own driving ability. You drive better than you think, be confident and proud of your driving ability Click HERE for more information.

Instruction: Part 3 test is a competency-based assessment.
Trainee instructors are assessed over a single 45 minute lesson on the 3 main competencies of lesson planning, risk management and teaching and learning strategies. They’ll also be assessed on an additional 17 sub-competencies. Your BIG TOM training incorporates essential techniques to help you adapt to your pupils' needs. All resources provided to you are DVSA approved

DVSA Driving Standard - for your pupil

DVSA National Standard for driver training - for you


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