9th June 2024

Act now to benefit sooner

One of the toughest decisions to make as a business owner is changing your original plan. This is true in all businesses and equally so with […]
8th June 2024

Responding to emergency vehicles

Our driving training programmes have the breadth and depth of the National Standards and Syllabus. Within Unit 4: Drive safely and efficiently, of the Syllabus, is […]
8th June 2024

Carefully guiding customers

Being a responsible training provider sometimes involves guiding a potential customer to make an informed decision that may not necessarily equate to a “sale” because the […]
29th May 2024

Premium driving training

When customers are willing to purchase a driving training programme from BIG TOM, months in advance, of a value that exceeds £2000 then they are investing […]
7th January 2024

Accurately identifying why driving mistakes happen

“Was the pupil encouraged to analyse problems and take responsibility for their learning?” One of the skills of an effective driving instructor that is not assessed […]
5th January 2024

Marketing done for you

The PDI is now an ADI! Exciting times! But what next? How to market your new business?    What many do is start off with a […]
4th January 2024

A Helping Hand for PDIs

Welcome, my name is Tom Ingram, I am the owner of the BIG TOM Driving School Franchise. I have created here a 20 minute audio clip […]
30th December 2023

The way we work is changing

According to MoneyWeek magazine, 3,500,000 50+ year-olds have decided to take early retirement and 500,000 self-employed business owners have stopped working. We have spoken before in […]
29th December 2023

Achieving more in 2024

With 2023 closing on us and the prospect of a new year ahead with all the opportunities it brings, now is the time to be considering […]
11th December 2023

Why have the national driving test pass rates not gone up

In August 2021 the DVSA CEO announced that the regulator has been monitoring what happens on driving tests for the previous 12 months and will continue […]