28th April 2022

Welcome to Misperception Bridge

One of the most soul-destroying aspects about the work as a driving instructor is our pupil’s mistaken belief that they are ready to be taking a […]
26th April 2022

The return to normality

According to latest DfT published figures [DRT0701/0721], it appears that the pass rates for parts 2 and 3 have stabilised again after the upsurge through the […]
14th March 2022

What does a driving instructor do

One of the most common questions asked by people who are considering being a driving instructor as a new career, is what does a driving instructor […]
4th March 2022

All about the Part 3 test (intro)

This video features owner of the BIG TOM franchise giving an introduction to the Part 3 qualifying test for trainee driving instructors. What are the factors […]