13th October 2022

Working off script

Welcome to the BIG TOM Franchise site if this is the first time connecting up. In this blog, the owner of the Franchise, Tom Ingram shares […]
11th October 2022

Part 3 training drilling down

One of the topics that we will cover together when doing part 3 training is “Drilling down”. This technique is all about practising, practising and then […]
10th October 2022

Thinking like a learner

In this blog, owner of the franchise, Tom Ingram looks at the need to think like a learner. When you are training to be a driving […]
7th October 2022

How do you know that you are creating safe drivers?

There is a degree of freedom when it comes to how a pupil learns to drive in the UK. There is nothing stopping a learner from […]
4th October 2022

How likely is it that your pupil will pass their driving test?

There are a lot of mistaken ideas about chance or probability. This blog is going to raise the thorny issue of the chances of one of […]
3rd October 2022

The key to discovering effective learning

The induction training that we provide to all newcomers sets the way for future driving training on BIG TOM courses. We strongly believe that it is […]
2nd October 2022

Raising standards

One of the reasons why becoming a driving instructor can appear so daunting to some is the variety of the qualification process. There is plenty of […]
1st October 2022

Knowing what good actually looks like

When you are considering a new career as a driving instructor, it can appear quite bewildering when you look at which way to go for your […]
25th September 2022

Providing value to customers

The BIG TOM Driving Success Programme © has three key elements to it that have been formulated from the experience of providing driving training to a […]
21st September 2022

Summer 2022 review

As we move into the Autumn, the owner of our franchise, Tom Ingram gives an update of the latest driving training industry news. “Welcome to everyone […]
20th June 2023

The Daily Workload

The daily workload for a BIG TOM franchisee looks and feels entirely different to that of a driving instructor who only provides pay as you go […]
15th June 2023

What really counts is not always counted

The BIG TOM Driving School Franchise has systems in place to capture customers’ feelings about their experience with us. But of course, not everything that is […]
12th June 2023

Purposeful questions

You are a recently qualified driving instructor, providing driving training on the subject of the “Emergency Stop”. You feel comfortable knowing the subject well. But you […]
8th June 2023

Trainee driving instructor question

In this blog, the franchise owner, Tom Ingram, gives some insight into his vision of how the BIG TOM driving training programme assists customers.    “I […]