6th December 2022

Developing self-belief in a learner driver

This video is for people who are considering joining the BIG TOM Franchise as a driving instructor. An often neglected aspect of the role of an […]
5th December 2022

The impatient learner

As you might expect, the life of a driving instructor, just like all other careers, can have its challenging times. These times are often quickly forgotten […]
4th December 2022

The differences between intensive driving courses

      There are different perspectives in which one can compare intensive driving courses: as the pupil, the franchisee (driving instructor) or the customer who […]
4th December 2022

Helping a scared pupil

BIG TOM Franchise owner, Tom Ingram can be seen here working with a pupil who suffers from fear and anxiety throughout the lesson. The BIG TOM […]
3rd December 2022

Values of the BIG TOM Franchise

This video provides a variety of clips while working with a beginner pupil. The intention is not to demonstrate how PDI’s qualify for DVSA assessment tests; […]
2nd December 2022

Interleaving on driving lessons

In this video you will see the owner of the BIG TOM Franchise, Tom Ingram, working with a beginner pupil, Aob. The pupil has only done […]
2nd December 2022

Removing stress for driving instructors

A must-watch video for trainee driving instructors and existing instructors. The BIG TOM Franchise proves that it is possible to not only control stress levels when […]
30th November 2022

Factors that affect the efficiency of driving training

Recent enquiries about the BIG TOM Franchise include how we help pupils to learn quicker. This blog will explain what factors will affect the efficiency of […]
25th November 2022

Setting your stall out

If you want to be successful in business, you have to think like a businessperson rather than treat it like a glorified hobby. And as a […]
24th November 2022

Interventions in driving training

We have recently heard from the DVSA that 1 in 8 driving tests involve physical intervention by the examiner. This blog will take a look at […]
5th September 2023

Reflections of a driving instructor Pt 2 Ep 4 Bread and butter work

Reflections of a driving instructor Pt 2  Ep 4 Bread and butter work  How happy is your average driving instructor these days? If you consider how […]
2nd September 2023

Reflections of a driving instructor Pt 2 Ep 3 The End Goal

Reflections of a driving instructor Pt2  Ep 3 The end goal    When we consider what the end goal is in a training programme, we can […]
28th August 2023

Reflections of a driving instructor Pt2 Ep 2 How we learn

  Reflections of a driving instructor Pt 2: Ep 2 How we learn    You might say that the importance of how people learn is equally […]
5th August 2023

Reflections of a driving instructor Pt 2 Ep 1 The Dream

Reflections of a driving instructor part 2 Ep 1 The Dream    The dream is to run your own driving school business. The subject may have […]