10th December 2023

Teaching methods

One aspect of driving training that BIG TOM has always avoided is the goal of teaching a pupil to pass the driving test rather than increase […]
10th December 2023

Running a better driving school business

In this video the owner of the BIG TOM Franchise discusses some of the learning difficulties that crop up with providing different types of driving training […]
6th December 2023

Would I be a good driving instructor

In this video we explore the idea of what being a good driving instructor really means. Owner of the BIG TOM Franchise gives some practical examples […]
5th December 2023

Expert advice

Franchisees of BIG TOM are supported with expert advice to help them achieve successful outcomes with their pupils. Take the example below of how to develop […]
26th November 2023

How to run a driving school with ease

If you think that running a successful driving school only concerns the giving of driving training then this blog is for you.        To […]
24th November 2023

Driving school businesses and the cost of living

The Christmas 2023 edition of the BBC British History Magazine is pretty clear about the current cost-of-living crisis in the UK. Here is a snippet:   […]
18th November 2023

Common obstacle to learning

A common reason why a pupil will not progress as well as they could when learning to drive, is because they have a fixed idea of […]
17th November 2023

NASP Meeting 16/11/2023

BIG TOM attended the above digital meeting which enabled instructors to ask any questions that they might have. In typical style the questions that were raised […]
14th November 2023

Frustrations of a driving test result

In this vlog, the owner of the BIG TOM Franchise, Tom Ingram starts to explain how the TIP data triggers practically affect some instructors. These data […]
12th November 2023

Tailored driving training programmes

The ultimate question when one considers how to learn to drive, is does the pupil want training to be short sessions and weekly, or longer sessions […]
7th January 2024

Accurately identifying why driving mistakes happen

“Was the pupil encouraged to analyse problems and take responsibility for their learning?” One of the skills of an effective driving instructor that is not assessed […]
5th January 2024

Marketing done for you

The PDI is now an ADI! Exciting times! But what next? How to market your new business?    What many do is start off with a […]
4th January 2024

A Helping Hand for PDIs

Welcome, my name is Tom Ingram, I am the owner of the BIG TOM Driving School Franchise. I have created here a 20 minute audio clip […]
30th December 2023

The way we work is changing

According to MoneyWeek magazine, 3,500,000 50+ year-olds have decided to take early retirement and 500,000 self-employed business owners have stopped working. We have spoken before in […]