22nd November 2022

Where does a PDI seek help?

Here is a case that demonstrates perfectly the problem trainee driving instructors encounter on a daily basis. Although this is highlighting a particular person, the identity […]
22nd November 2022

The toxic effect of data targets

We look at the crippling effect of the introduction of data targets and how the fear it creates caused adverse effects on driving test pass rates.  […]
21st November 2022

How to retain customers

The message that trainee driving instructors receive when they do their Part 3 training can be quite confusing. They can very easily find themselves training to […]
20th November 2022

Pupil and driving instructor aligned to the same goal

A major objection to intensive courses that driving instructors have is that they are a form of promising pupils the reward of a driving licence when the […]
15th November 2022

Driving instructor performance review

Today the DVSA has released a communication that begins with the following:   Driving test statistics: 1 April to 31 October 2022   On 9 November the […]
25th October 2022

Do you think in words or pictures?

If I were to ask you to explain how you go about changing a tyre at the roadside, how does your brain go about that task […]
24th October 2022

5 ways we make learning easier

The BIG TOM brand is synonymous with maximising learning potential. We have techniques and systems available to provide the optimum learning experience to become a driving […]
24th October 2022

Versatile training packages for added choice

This blog will explain to you the range of services that we offer customers in this franchise. We offer so much more than standard driving lessons. […]
19th October 2022

Standards Checks for driving instructors

Owner of BIG TOM Driving School Franchise, Tom Ingram, offers his advice about standards checks.  There is nothing quite like the subject of driving instructor grades […]
18th October 2022

5 top tips to measure your driving school performance

These are busy times and driving instructors want to make the best use of their time and energy. Here in this blog we offer our 5 […]
1st August 2023

Reflections of a driving instructor Part 2 Introduction

  Reflections of a driving instructor – Part 2    Introduction    A very warm welcome to readers or if you prefer, audio listeners, for this […]
4th July 2023

BIG TOM Franchise Overview

Click HERE to view our Franchise Presentation – 04/07/2023
3rd July 2023

Driving instructor competence

In this blog we discuss the manner in which a driving instructor’s competence changes with the passing of time and what factors affect the change and […]
22nd June 2023

Transparent Communication

How does a driving instructor avoid customer dissatisfaction?  One of the most important aspects of providing a service is transparency in communications. Customers want to know what […]