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6th December 2023
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10th December 2023

Running a better driving school business

In this video the owner of the BIG TOM Franchise discusses some of the learning difficulties that crop up with providing different types of driving training programmes. It’s worth the time to view it because these issues will affect outcomes and that is the difference between having a happy customer or not. Any business owner should be concerned that the service being offered makes for happy customers.  


And as important as keeping an eye on the efficiency of the learning, or progress that pupils make is, as a business owner, we also need to closely monitor and review the efficiency in terms of running the business. It is just plain common sense to recognise that it is four times more efficient to travel to a customer once rather than five times – see this blog to expand on that point. 


So the BIG TOM Franchise offers a driving school business owner two extremely attractive benefits: the business model increases the potential progress that pupils make while also increasing the profit margins due to reducing cost. The first benefit makes for satisfied customers, the second makes for satisfied franchisees. But precisely how does this look in terms of a real-life practical example of running the driving school business using this business model? 


For a 12 month period this business model enables a franchisee to work 44 weeks of the year, and make gross earnings of over 60k. In doing so, the average hours per weekday would be 5, and the average weekend hours would be 1.7 (this certainly does NOT mean that you work every weekend, it is an average over the year).  


At the time of writing (09/12/2023), Red are advertising the following performance figures for their instructors: 




















So it is possible to use those figures of gross earnings and average hourly rate to discover the average hours being worked per week. From this, we can compare performance figures and see that with the BIG TOM Franchise model not only can you earn 8.5% more earnings per week but in doing so you would physically work 12.5% fewer hours per week.  As a business owner, you would be foolish to ignore these figures.

This is precisely what increased business performance figures look like. We would be very happy to dig deeper into the details to show you how much more efficient it is to run a driving school within the BIG TOM Franchise. 

Call us on 01928 508 833 – we don’t waste money on unnecessary “gloss” but we sure know how to run an efficient business – and we can show you how too.