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5th December 2023
Running a better driving school business
10th December 2023

Would I be a good driving instructor

In this video we explore the idea of what being a good driving instructor really means. Owner of the BIG TOM Franchise gives some practical examples of how the public assess good businesses, pupils assess good driving, customers assess good driving schools and the DVSA assesses driving instructors.

It is very common for people to doubt their ability to start a new job or career because there is a fear of not being good enough. The truth is that when most of us start anything new, we very likely aren’t particularly “good” at it, but with an open mind and a positive attitude to improvement, the desire for creating successful outcomes often results in all of us increasing our skills. However it is not a given, and the approach many people and organisations take to self-improvement or continuous improvement varies.

The idea of whether something is good is a unique perception, and sometimes not based on much more than a gut feeling. To be able to make accurate judgements we tend to lean on the previous experiences that have been gained to enable us to compare. Without previous experience, it can be hard to accurately assess how good something is.

Any newcomers to the driving instruction industry will often suffer with self-doubt and confusion because quite literally they have very little experience to fall back on, and the DVSA qualifying process bears very little comparison to what makes a good driving instructor.  But as is often the way when we all learn things, the attitude to learning is a key part of the process. Pulling on previous learning experiences that were effective can be very useful in making the process efficient. Having a genuine desire to put the effort in that is required to learn new skills is not something to be taken for granted.

On the BIG TOM Franchise, we place a lot of importance on the quality of the teaching, because it is this that creates value, not just in terms of keeping things safe, but enabling progress. We have no requirements for a certain grade of driving instructor, but we very much would like to see an open, inquiring mind with a passion for teaching. We believe that we create superb learning experiences for our customers, we listen to their feedback, and if you would like to be part of the team, then get in touch on 01928 508 833.