Developing self-belief in a learner driver
6th December 2022
Introductory Offer
16th December 2022

Efficiency boost x4

Any business owner would be mad to knowingly run the business 4 times less efficiently than it could! Join BIG TOM to swerve this trap

Imagine a driving instructor travels to a pupil twenty times to give 20 hours worth of driving lessons, it takes the instructor 10 minutes each way to go to and from the pupil.

Now imagine a driving instructor with the ultra-efficient BIG TOM Franchise, and this instructor travels only 5 times to give that same pupil 20 hours of driving training. The BIG TOM instructor has a mega 4 x efficiency saving than the other instructor. Any savvy business owner would want to take advantage of increased efficiency – a mega 4 TIMES BOOSTED efficiency!

Travelling to and from pupils is wasting time, it is boring, repetitive, wasteful, fuel-consuming and not smart.

When you run a driving school, why would you design IN inefficiency? It makes no sense.

When you join the BIG TOM Franchise you will IMMEDIATELY start to benefit from cost savings like this example. As soon as you start with us, you are already saving money over your competitors. Less travelling time for you, less running costs for your driving school vehicle, less boring journeys and one happy, satisfied business owner. A cheap driving school franchise is “cheap” for a reason, there could be tons of hidden, unspoken, profit-draining costs that the franchisor really doesn’t want you to know about – which is why it is being sold off as  “cheap”.

Getting smart about running your driving school business is why you would join the BIG TOM Franchise. Because smarter makes for better business.

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