20th May 2023

Expanding your driving school business

The BIG TOM franchise offers instructors the opportunity to join a successful driving school with tried and tested teaching methods that have been crafted for over […]
19th May 2023

Unintentional bias

BIG TOM has been providing driving training for 14 years; a mixture of pay as you go (payg) driving lessons and intensive driving courses. But which […]
16th May 2023

Qualify as a driving instructor or money back

Qualifying to become a driving instructor is not guaranteed, but we are so sure that you will succeed, we will give you a very large chunk […]
4th May 2023

Premium customer service

A new career as a driving instructor is a very attractive opportunity. The satisfaction of helping learner drivers achieve their goal is a huge plus point […]
20th April 2023

A growth mindset

BIG TOM has been providing driving training that encompasses a growth mindset via intensive courses and pay as you go driving lessons for over 13 years, […]
2nd April 2023

Questions for a driving school franchise

When you start a new career as a driving instructor, there will be a few concerns that you naturally have. Read this blog here to see […]
30th March 2023

BIG TOM Driving School Performance 2022 – 2023

The following information is being provided here on the BIG TOM Franchise website to reassure prospective driving instructors of our commitment to being a responsible training […]
28th March 2023

Driving Instructor for Beginners 4

In this next article we will be looking at some of the challenges that we come across as driving instructors.    As you would expect, working […]
27th March 2023

Driving Instructor for Beginners 3

Cruising on to the third article in this mini-series.  A top concern of any aspiring driving instructor is a practical one of, “How on earth do […]
26th March 2023

Driving Instructor for Beginners 2

Moving on to my second article in this mini-series of Driving Instructor for Beginners. I am going to talk about some of the skills that are […]
18th November 2023

Common obstacle to learning

A common reason why a pupil will not progress as well as they could when learning to drive, is because they have a fixed idea of […]
17th November 2023

NASP Meeting 16/11/2023

BIG TOM attended the above digital meeting which enabled instructors to ask any questions that they might have. In typical style the questions that were raised […]
14th November 2023

Frustrations of a driving test result

In this vlog, the owner of the BIG TOM Franchise, Tom Ingram starts to explain how the TIP data triggers practically affect some instructors. These data […]
12th November 2023

Tailored driving training programmes

The ultimate question when one considers how to learn to drive, is does the pupil want training to be short sessions and weekly, or longer sessions […]