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25th October 2023
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See Tom giving driving training

If you are considering becoming a driving instructor but don’t really know what to expect, then this blog is for you.

The owner of the franchise, Tom Ingram has been providing dozens of video clips on Insta and TikTok so that you can see him at work. These are clips that are using real-life pupils, with their full consent. The clips are not intended to be educational to a trainee instructor as such, but offer a feel of what giving driving training looks like.

The links for both platforms are provided here:



It is an often-heard comment that people who have an interest in being an instructor, don’t quite know if it is for them, as they don’t really know if they have the patience. And while it is true that patience is important to an instructor, there are many other skills required.  Being a good communicator is key, as is being reliable and trustworthy. Having a professional attitude to the job and road safety is beneficial too. On the one hand, an instructor is attempting to add value to the driving training session, so that the pupil is making progress towards their goal. But on the other hand, the instructor keeps things safe while the pupil practices, and tries to make the training as enjoyable as possible to the pupil.

It is a delicate balancing act of maintaining standards of driving skills, and also being able to practically help a pupil if they struggle to develop any of them. Keeping a pupil motivated and helping them to be resilient when things go wrong is a central part of the job of a driving instructor.

As the owner of your own driving school it proves essential to be flexible and adapt the service to the changing needs of customers. And keeping up to date with the latest skills such as safeguarding, data protection, learning techniques and knowledge of obstacles to learning will pay dividends to the professional instructor.


Please feel free to take a look at the videos.