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30th October 2023
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12th November 2023

Only pay when you earn

One of the major advantages of the BIG TOM Franchise over other driving school franchises is that with us, you only pay when you earn. Read on to discover just how big a deal that is for you.

Let’s say that in one of the coming months, you are available to give BIG TOM intensive courses for 3 of the 4 weeks in the month. Perhaps you have a job to do at home that you keep putting off, or maybe you are planning a break away from the grey, wet weather of the UK. Whatever the reason, you will actually only be working for 3 of the 4 weeks. The advantage of the BIG TOM franchise is that you do not pay franchise fees when you don’t work. This may seem at face value like a small point, but read on to discover the financial security that provides.

Let’s say that you have three intensive courses booked into to your schedule for the month, this will provide you with earnings (after franchise fee deductions) of £2772*, because you only pay franchise fees for the work that you do. In the majority of driving school franchises, you would be required to pay a fixed weekly or monthly fee, regardless of how much you earn. When you discover that these fixed franchise fees are often in the region of £150-200/week: take this example which was correct at the time of writing as evidence of the typical costs.

Just to be crystal clear, because transparency is one of the BIG TOM franchise values, you would be earning £2772 after franchise fees, for, in total, 60 hours work over the three weeks. That then leaves you with your week off, when you sit back assured that you are not being charged franchise fees when you are not earning.

What other things might crop up unexpectedly meaning that you cannot work?  We all live busy, hectic lives these days, and things will crop up. Some of the things that arise mean you need to physically be somewhere that prevents you from working. Illness rarely arises with plenty of warning, and sometimes, we all just need some time off to unwind. For complete peace of mind, you know that in these times you are not having to pay £200 per week having earnt nothing! Being charged £200 per week may not on the face off, seem to be too big an outlay, but when you have quite literally no income coming in, you would very much resent having to pay £200 per week.

Our advice that we give prospective franchisees is to invest in the professional services of a solicitor to check the Franchise Agreement for precisely this type of detail that can so often go unnoticed in the excitement of starting a new career. It is very wise to consider all eventualities that may crop up, and factoring in what happens when you take some periods of rest is most definitely worth checking when you compare driving school franchises.

*Calculated on the basis that you have no other “pay as you go” driving lessons booked in for that period – only three intensive courses totalling 60 hours of work