13th October 2022

Working off script

Welcome to the BIG TOM Franchise site if this is the first time connecting up. In this blog, the owner of the Franchise, Tom Ingram shares […]
11th October 2022

Part 3 training drilling down

One of the topics that we will cover together when doing part 3 training is “Drilling down”. This technique is all about practising, practising and then […]
10th October 2022

Thinking like a learner

In this blog, owner of the franchise, Tom Ingram looks at the need to think like a learner. When you are training to be a driving […]
7th October 2022

How do you know that you are creating safe drivers?

There is a degree of freedom when it comes to how a pupil learns to drive in the UK. There is nothing stopping a learner from […]