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4th December 2022
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5th December 2022

The differences between intensive driving courses




There are different perspectives in which one can compare intensive driving courses: as the pupil, the franchisee (driving instructor) or the customer who wants to purchase the course. In this blog we explore differences between the intensive courses that the BIG TOM Franchise offers compared to other providers. 

One of the reasons that some intensive course providers offer a limited service is because they act as an ‘agent’ connecting a customer with a driving instructor. The integrity of this arrangement is limited by the fact that the customer is offered very little insight into the quality of the training programme or the instructor and these kinds of contracts are very often price-sensitive. The pupil receives very little more than access to the driving instructor for the allotted number of hours. 

With the BIG TOM Franchise, the training programme has the flexibility to adapt to meaningfully provide what the customer realistically needs for a successful outcome. This approach can be the difference between simply a cold exchange of service for payment or providing a service that meaningfully benefits the customer. 

How the arrangement is arranged at the start affects outcomes and unsuspecting customers may not realise this fact. If you are considering becoming a driving instructor then it is valuable knowledge to realise that customers will generally not know the best way to learn to drive. This is demonstrated when you hear these days of customers paying up to £250 for an instructor to take them to a driving test, only to then fail. 

By joining the Franchise as a driving instructor you benefit from knowing that your customers will have been guided and advised about the various options available to them. This is partly why the BIG TOM Franchise receives the TrustPilot customer rating that it does (currently 4.6 stars). But there are many other benefits to driving instructors for joining BIG TOM. BIG TOM enables a franchisee to choose their preferred working days and even hours, and bookings are made on their behalf with this criterion in mind; this is a unique benefit in an industry of franchised driving training. As it seems reasonable that a franchisee is charged only when they earn, BIG TOM refuses to join other national franchisors who were exposed as continuing to charge their franchisees over Covid lockdowns, even though they were not earning. Likewise, franchisees have the freedom to set their own pricing strategy. Of course, guidance is available due to the experience of having provided BIG TOM intensive driving courses to customers over several towns and cities for many years. 

Instructors and customers do not need to get to certain locations for customers to receive training; theory training is provided centrally via BIG TOM Admin without any involvement of franchisees.  


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