Interleaving on driving lessons
2nd December 2022
Helping a scared pupil
4th December 2022

Values of the BIG TOM Franchise

This video provides a variety of clips while working with a beginner pupil.

The intention is not to demonstrate how PDI’s qualify for DVSA assessment tests; the BIG TOM Franchise has been created and runs extremely successfully due to the values that the owner of the Franchise (seen in this video) is passionate about: maintaining safety, maximising learning, and having delighted customers. There is induction training that all pre-existing instructors must complete so as to understand and deliver on these key values. It is the delivery of this level of service that contributes to the values of the Franchise that are important rather than whether a registered driving instructor is Grade A or Grade B. Grade B driving instructors are very welcome to join this Franchise.

Owner of BIG TOM Franchise Tom Ingram can be seen in conversation with pupil Arun who has only had 2 previous driving lessons.

Breakdown of video:

Start: Training programme, DVSA Driving Standard, Summary of Skills to track progress, agreement on who owns the tracking sheet

1 minute: the previous lesson, key learning points, self-evaluation of progress (grading 1-10)

2 minute: acknowledging personal preference for learning from pupil to instructor

3 minute: instructor testing for understanding

3 m 30s: consequences of shallow learning

4 minute: clarification of long-term goals

5 minute: pupil’s self-evaluation of poor road (unprompted), concept of risk assessment

6 minute: short-term goal, picking up from where we left off, layered learning, agreement for level of verbals to be provided, risk assessment for practice drill, use of instructor demonstration

7 minute: DVSA routines, providing meaning to learning

8 minute: checking for understanding (mirrors)

9 minute: active use of silence to encourage deeper thought

10 minute: “because of……?” , use of imagination

11 minute: learning how to learn

12 minute: identifying increased risk and consequences

12m 30s: building trust between pupil and instructor for it to be ok not to know – safe learning space

Please be aware that this video is edited from a one-hour session and does not reflect the true proportions between practice vs dialogue.


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