8th June 2022

We can help you achieve your dream

If someone was to ask you what is your dream, what would you say?    In childhood we dream away don’t we, our imagination running wild. […]
7th June 2022

The best driving instructor that you could be

You may have considered training to be a driving instructor but find yourself being put off because you don’t honestly feel like you know what you […]
16th May 2022

CPD for driving instructors

Driving instructors within the BIG TOM franchise receive continual training (CPD) to keep knowledge up to date and raise awareness of effective teaching techniques. It is […]
5th May 2022

Does the level of intelligence make learning to drive easier?

This question is often pondered by driving instructors. We get to work with a range of pupils who differ in intelligence levels.  Owner of BIG TOM […]