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19th October 2022
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24th October 2022

Versatile training packages for added choice

This blog will explain to you the range of services that we offer customers in this franchise. We offer so much more than standard driving lessons. Over the years, we have systemised our customer feedback to enable us to change as desired by the customer’s wishes. It is this ability to adapt that has earnt us the reputation of being dynamic and at the forefront of delivering a high-quality customer experience.

When the BIG TOM driving school was first established in 2009, it was only traditional pay as you go driving lessons that were offered in Peterborough. There are still customer reviews on our platforms that come from those days. As time moved on, the service we provided evolved to reflect the changing needs of customers – and this is why we are where we are today.

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There is still a demand for pay as you go driving lessons, and while they can be accommodated it should never be to the detriment of booking intensive driving courses. The demand for our intensive courses is high, and customers who enquire about them, are looking for an entirely different service than that provided on pay as you go driving lessons. Pay as you go driving lessons can be fitted in around the intensive courses to the extent that you, the franchisee desire. It is perfectly acceptable to inform BIG TOM Admin (who book up your diary for you), that you only want intensive courses booked. You may be happy with one course running per week, or perhaps you are wanting to work more hours and run two. The choice really is yours. You will see from the sales projections that we carefully explain to you, there is very good potential for earning over 50k without having to work extended hours over the norm.

When it comes to the types of intensive course packages that are available to customers, likewise, there is a wide range of choices. This is through necessity. Think of the complexity that each pupil brings with them in terms of natural ability, previous traumatic experiences, and cognitive capability of planning, assessing, and reflecting. We spend time and effort at the front end, understanding the customer’s needs so that they select the type of course they desire. There are options available to them regarding duration, timing and inclusion of presenting for a driving test. Our prices are bespoke because of this variability and we will spend some time with you sharing you the structure so that you can adapt it to best fit your needs in your territory.

All of this activity occurs without your input. BIG TOM Admin will be aware of how you want to operate your business and will carefully liaise with customers so that the training programme offered matches your criteria. This level of personalised service is a hallmark of how BIG TOM operates. We offer the same care and attention to our learner customers. Read here how three BIG TOM customers passed their driving test last week, deciding to do things the way they wanted. It makes for happy customers.

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Effective communication runs through this organisation, between pupils, the funders of the courses, franchisees and BIG TOM Admin. It is essential for this communication to be clear and honest so that it helps customers to make the right choices. This is partly why we have currently earned a 4.6 TrustPilot score when the average in our industry is just 4.1  But we do not intend to be complacent, our goal is to continually refine our training standards so that we offer the best service possible to our customers.