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24th October 2022
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25th October 2022

5 ways we make learning easier

The BIG TOM brand is synonymous with maximising learning potential. We have techniques and systems available to provide the optimum learning experience to become a driving instructor. 


In this blog we will show you five ways that we help trainees to qualify as a driving instructor: 


  1. Personalised in-car training – by accurately assessing where your strengths and weaknesses are, we can make your in-car training meaningful, efficient and enjoyable.
  2. Remote learning – there is so much that can be learnt remotely. From learning techniques to safe driving techniques to smart business processes, we can raise your awareness and help you to grow your skills.
  3. Access to resources – offering our trainee instructors a range of resources will make the chances of success so much more realistic. We all love to learn in different ways and the great news for you is that we offer you choices.
  4. Pressure-free environment – in our experience, there is enough to be doing, without sensing any pressure from anywhere, especially in times of economic scrutiny. Managing pressure is a skill and one that we will teach you not just so that you pass your ADI (approved driving instructor) qualifying tests, but also you can help your pupils.
  5. Flexible training schedule – everyone is so busy these days. We are all juggling many activities in our working day. We will be able to adapt the schedule to meet your needs.

 Seen our YouTube channel? 

When you join us, you will receive many different forms of engagement in your learning path, which means you can dip in into, and out, whenever it suits you. Childcare, part-time work, caring for family – there are so many pulls on our time and energy, you will be delighted when you begin to realise how we make learning easier at BIG TOM. 

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