3rd March 2022

Intensive versus pay as you go

This video shows owner of BIG TOM franchise, Tom Ingram giving some context to how driving training has developed in recent years.  He goes on to […]
20th January 2022

The self-destruction of a driving training industry

Driving instructors across the UK feel attacked from multiple fronts. Many won’t feel comfortable sharing their fears, and the ADI’s who work alone sense isolation and […]
19th January 2022

How not to provide intensive driving courses

Take a look at this message in the email inbox today:    Good Afternoon,     We have a 12 hour course in PE11 with a test […]
7th January 2022

Give your mind a rest

Our use of technology in everyday living adversely affects our emotional well-being – digital dementia. Sometimes, our minds need some downtime to recharge. A pause, so […]
5th January 2022

Will some kind soul help you?

The problem is, of course, you don’t know what you don’t know. You’re running your driving school business the best you know how. But could it […]
4th January 2022

Driving instructors who restrict learning

We claim to “revolutionise” driving training because we do not accept that learning to drive HAS to involve pupils taking one or two-hour driving lessons per […]
2nd January 2022

Well informed customers

One of the obstacles that deter driving instructors from creating tremendous value for customers is the belief that they know what is best for the customer […]
31st December 2021

Your driving school business in 2022

One of the insights that have come out of the last two years is the acceleration of the quest to make our working lives give us […]
30th December 2021

Mile for mile more driving on a BIG TOM intensive course

Providing safe driving training is a crucial value of the BIG TOM franchise. Our record on road safety while training is exemplary. We take great pride […]
28th December 2021

Feeling conflicted?

The problem is relatively simple but is one of the leading causes of increased fear and anxiety among driving instructors, and it was introduced in a […]
20th May 2023

Expanding your driving school business

The BIG TOM franchise offers instructors the opportunity to join a successful driving school with tried and tested teaching methods that have been crafted for over […]
19th May 2023

Unintentional bias

BIG TOM has been providing driving training for 14 years; a mixture of pay as you go (payg) driving lessons and intensive driving courses. But which […]
16th May 2023

Qualify as a driving instructor or money back

Qualifying to become a driving instructor is not guaranteed, but we are so sure that you will succeed, we will give you a very large chunk […]
4th May 2023

Premium customer service

A new career as a driving instructor is a very attractive opportunity. The satisfaction of helping learner drivers achieve their goal is a huge plus point […]