Summer 2022 review
21st September 2022
Knowing what good actually looks like
1st October 2022

Providing value to customers

The BIG TOM Driving Success Programme © has three key elements to it that have been formulated from the experience of providing driving training to a wide range of mixed-ability pupils over several years.  It is firmly our belief that the facilitation of effective learning is a science, an art that can be nurtured with careful guidance to driving instructors.  This support is provided at all times when a franchisee is with BIG TOM; from the initial induction training to a thorough programme of continued CPD.  Franchisees receive this support as part of their franchise fee, there are no separate fees that have to be paid, and no expectations to attend courses at additional expense.

This driving school is not in the business of randomly connecting any driving instructor with a customer who has expressed a desire to do an intensive course.  Providing an accelerated learning programme that has integrity and achieves high professional standards is something that has to be learnt.  BIG TOM customers will be expecting a range of resources and skills from their driving instructor that enables them to develop driving skills that are permanent.  We are not in the business of short-term learning simply to pass a driving test.  Having a browse through our testimonials over the years, you will see repeated references from customers who specifically say they have been trained for real-life driving not just to pass a test.

Instructors who are interested in joining BIG TOM need not be put off about a particular grade from a standards check.  We are not of the opinion that standards check assessments accurately evaluate a driving instructor’s ability to provide meaningful value to customers.  We appreciate that some might find that statement controversial but having learnt, understood and experienced the criteria by which a standards check is conducted, it is our firm belief that there are specific skills that need to be developed rather than ‘tactics’ which are rolled out once every 4 years on a 45-minute driving lesson.  We are careful here not to demean any Grade A instructors; it is simply the case that a Grade A instructor would not necessarily have the skills needed to deliver the level of performance that we expect here at BIG TOM – hence the need for all instructors to receive induction training.

If it were simply the case that any pay-as-you-go driving instructor could revert to providing intensive driving training without any development of skills, then as you can imagine, many more driving instructors would be providing this more financially rewarding service.  But, it is a skilled person who is able to deliver an accelerated learning programme, without compromising on quality and maintaining professional standards.  There are numerous specific skills that BIG TOM instructors will possess that ensure learning is efficient, thorough, meaningful and permanent.

The strategy for teaching and learning has been developed here at BIG TOM after literally thousands of hours of careful delivery; paying attention to outcomes and a willingness to wander outside the normal confines that deliver mediocrity.  As you would expect in any profession, this experience is not only vital but also what very often differentiates novice educators from those with more expert abilities.  When a new instructor joins the BIG TOM franchise, they are opening up an opportunity to tap into this vast pool of experience which will not only stimulate and benefit their personal development but crucially will enable them to provide a far superior service to pupils than they have previously achieved.  BIG TOM customers recognise this service as being of increased value to ‘the norm’, and that is why BIG TOM franchisees are able to financially prosper.

Naturally, as with all superior customer service providers, the minute by minute behaviours that create a better experience are closely guarded secrets, and so they should be, as they have been developed through much experience and attention to detail.  This is why the BIG TOM franchise is able to provide you with a unique opportunity to access and nurture your growth mindset.