Thinking like a learner
10th October 2022
Working off script
13th October 2022

Part 3 training drilling down

One of the topics that we will cover together when doing part 3 training is “Drilling down”. This technique is all about practising, practising and then when you think you are done, practising some more. It is a vital concept to get across to driving instructors who join the BIG TOM franchise because I want BIG TOM customers to be taught well, and to learn permanently.

I want driving instructors who provide BIG TOM driving training, to “make it stick” [A superb book to read by the way: Make it stick-The science of successful learning from Peter Brown, Henry Roediger and Mark McDaniel]

In this short video here, I have compiled what turned out to be four attempts at navigating a very thin bridge with limited visibility on either side. The videos span a 30-minute period in total but I have edited them to just a couple of minutes.  Take a look but REMEMBER TO COME BACK HERE!

What we see in this short drill are four attempts at getting over the bridge – the pupil is 12 hours into the programme at this point. On the face of it, if that were the goal, to “get over the bridge” then we have a 100% success rate. But the objective is to navigate our way over the bridge in a manner that is safe, efficient, courteous to others and respects the priority signs on either side of the bridge.  In that regard, we will need to look at each attempt to grade success.

Attempt one is just a fluke. I let the pupil proceed as I had checked that nothing was coming (you notice in this approach we do not have priority). Some instructors at this point might be quite happy with that outcome, in their mind, the pupil has just practised that bridge and now move on. Not me.

Attempt two. Still not good, we are not positioned correctly entering the bridge to maximise observations to see the black Audi (you notice we do have priority on this one).

Attempt three. Starting to like this now. This is undoubtedly better, more deliberate, more attentive and a demonstration of lovely observations to see that car approaching the bridge from the other side of the road. (You notice the dog and pedestrian in the middle of the road – this is a good experience for a pupil to witness).

Attempt four. Very nice. Lovely anticipation on approach. The position turning in enabled good observations. So much more careful.

The extent that you will need to feedback your technical thoughts to the pupil, as it happens, will be dependent on the pupil. This is where we use our training and our initiative to make these kinds of decisions. Some pupils will need minimal feedback, others will love to hear your thoughts and be grateful for it.

We will practice this technique when you train with me on the part 3 and induction training. We have some good fun doing this, and the point is that the technique is a recognised learning technique to make learning stick.  Any interactions with pupils are constructive, timely, positive, respectful, accurate, sensitive and honest.

To summarise:- do not fear either your driving instructor qualifying training or the franchise induction training – it’s all good stuff and rather than ticking boxes on checklists we are actually practising something meaningful, practical and it creates value – which is what this franchise is all about, creating value for our customers.

Learn with me, Tom in a calm yet effective environment. The training we do will help you to build important skills to become a first-class driving instructor. Call me on 01928 508 833