19th October 2021

Releasing your potential

One of the reasons that BIG TOM has developed a reputation for outstanding customer service is that our culture releases the potential that we all have […]
15th October 2021

First-Class Teaching Techniques

Your BIG TOM driving instructor qualifying training is effective, revolutionary and gets results! When you come on board with us to start a new career, you […]
14th October 2021

A winning combination

The combination of dynamic response + quality training is what makes for a successful driving school It is the passion and dedication to our values that […]
3rd October 2021

Above national average driving instructor performance

The DVSA monitor driving instructor performance over 4 criteria and provide driving instructors with their 12 monthly performance via the ADI Driving Test Data Report When […]
28th September 2021

Training hours to suit your needs

When you are keen to retrain to start a new career with all the excitement that brings, what you DO NOT want to do is waste […]
24th September 2021

Creating better pass rates

If you’re interested in a new career as a driving instructor, I imagine you’ve seen the latest pass rates for the qualifying tests across the UK? […]
24th September 2021

Driving instructor qualification rates UK to June 2021

The DfT has just released the latest test performance statistics for the three qualifying tests to become a driving instructor: Part 1 theory, Part 2 driving, […]
23rd September 2021

The path to a new driving school business

As with any major project, it is vital to know the stages that need to be completed to achieve the goal of setting up your new […]
17th September 2021

Controlling your working week

With the BIG TOM franchise, you are in complete control of your working week.  We do not act as a third-party broker who simply allocates random […]
13th September 2021

How is the BIG TOM franchise different?

The franchise is really about YOU! For training providers, it is difficult to overstate the importance of the calibre of the trainer. You’re not a market […]
27th March 2023

Driving Instructor for Beginners 3

Cruising on to the third article in this mini-series.  A top concern of any aspiring driving instructor is a practical one of, “How on earth do […]
26th March 2023

Driving Instructor for Beginners 2

Moving on to my second article in this mini-series of Driving Instructor for Beginners. I am going to talk about some of the skills that are […]
25th March 2023

Driving Instructor for Beginners 1

Over the coming few weeks, this blog is going to feature a series of “Driving Instructor for Beginners” articles featuring the owner of the BIG TOM […]
5th February 2023

Tell me what you see in the mirror

Helping our pupils to effectively look in their mirrors takes a bit of practice – here is a tip to help them     Pupils will […]