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15th June 2023
Transparent Communication
22nd June 2023

The Daily Workload

The daily workload for a BIG TOM franchisee looks and feels entirely different to that of a driving instructor who only provides pay as you go driving lessons.


While it is perfectly possible to run two of our intensive courses per day (each one being a 4 hour commitment), many might prefer to have one per day which then leaves options for providing driving lessons in the local area, the taking of driving tests or “me time”.  


But given the fact that a typical BIG TOM customer will be paying approximately £2500 for a two week course and £1300 for a one week course, it is possible to see not only the earning potential but also the efficiency of the service. Very few cancellations occur that so often do with standard driving lessons, customers pre-pay for the course, and the travel time between customer pick-up points is dramatically reduced. These benefits are practically speaking very real; it means that instructors are being efficient with their time. 


To expand on one of those benefits, the reduction in travel time between pupils’ homes. If a driving instructor has 4 x 1 hour lessons planned, there is likely to be some amount of ‘downtime’ between those customers to get to their homes, let us say for example, half an hour. So a diary with 4 hours worth of income generated absorbs 6 hours of the working day. Contrast that with travelling to one pupil, providing 4 hours of training and returning back home. Additionally, who is to guarantee that each of the 4 pupils wants the timing that allows half an hour for travel? Perhaps two of those pupils have commitments whereby the pick-up time is an hour apart from the previous driving lesson. In that case, the 4 hours of revenue generated has actually absorbed not 6 but 7 hours of your working day. It is possible to see now how easy it is to erode the hourly earning potential that so needlessly increases the working day length. 


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