Mile for mile more driving on a BIG TOM intensive course
30th December 2021
Well informed customers
2nd January 2022

Your driving school business in 2022

One of the insights that have come out of the last two years is the acceleration of the quest to make our working lives give us more freedom for living, enjoying the things in life that make us tick.

Four-day weeks, for example, was becoming commonplace pre-Covid, but now we additionally have the prospect of working from home as a more permanent feature for those who enjoy it.

We, as driving instructors, can open up our lives to do more of what we like, to get smart about how we run our business. This does not have to mean compromising on the quality of experience for our customers. If you think of businesses that add real value to customers, you can see a trend, a feature that seems to show across them all. They run their business with their employees, partners, agents and suppliers very much in mind. Customers don’t mind because they know they are being taken care of. For the sake of emphasis, customers do not mind you smartly running your business.

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The BIG TOM franchise offers you the opportunity to maintain your self-employed status, keep your driving school, but work within a model that is so much smarter for you. Remember, the easy thing to do is nothing. Groupthink. Average performance. That is what we all like to do; no change, just the same, as we’ve always done it.


Embrace change

But in 2022, you will notice that just doing what you’ve always done will mean you are going backwards. Other businesses are embracing the emotional well-being of their employees, and it’s about time you started thinking about yourself and your pupils. Confident business owners will embrace change. Making errors in a safe working environment is not to be avoided at all costs; it is inevitable, but it will be for the greater good. If you choose to do nothing, you are not keeping up.


Confidence in pupils

Think of it a bit like how we view our pupils. A pupil can have all the technical ability in the world, they have worked on their skills and practised hard. But if they want to succeed, we all know that they have to feel safe to try and fail; this will develop their confidence in the long run.

It is the confidence that we all possess that makes us stand out.

The very best wishes go to you all. Here is hoping for a healthy, safe, prosperous 2022.