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20th April 2023
Qualify as a driving instructor or money back
16th May 2023

Premium customer service

A new career as a driving instructor is a very attractive opportunity. The satisfaction of helping learner drivers achieve their goal is a huge plus point for many trainers in the industry. At BIG TOM we make every effort to give our customers the best chance for successful outcomes. We have created a flexible programme that not only caters for differing levels of driving ability but it also offers our customers the option to decide the frequency of the training sessions. Learn here in this blog how we strive to offer premium customer service.


We have created high-quality resources for our customers to engage in before and during the in-car practical training. Our experience tells us that all of us like to learn in our own way, and the option of having learning material provided in different formats is a benefit that appeals to pupils. A great deal of support is provided to customers from BIG TOM Admin to help them prepare for the driving experience and start to join the dots of the theory over to the practical. Examples of this include clutch control, effective observations, and planning for roundabouts. Franchisees can see all of this support that is provided by Admin via access to our exclusive CRM – so there is full transparency between assistance being offered to pupils from Admin and their own driving instructor.


The same level of care occurs with our in-car practical training. The learning environment in which our pupils work must be safe and adaptable to appeal to a range of needs that pupils will naturally have. As we do not expect pupils to all learn in the same way, it is a core value to have the means by which learning content can be offered to maximise progress. By delivering course content with an open mindset that is able to detect opportunities where a different approach may prove beneficial, we are ensuring that all levels of pupil can be accommodated. It is our goal to ensure all individuals are encouraged to progress with equal opportunity no matter that aptitude levels will differ and obstacles to learning may crop up. 


Creating a working relationship that enables the full potential of a pupil to be developed is a primary goal at BIG TOM. We recognise that not all pupils will be the finished article by the end of the training programme, and options are available to them to continue the support needed to achieve their goal. But in much the same way as we start out providing customers with options, we also recognise the importance of allowing them to continue having options should they need more assistance to bolster up confidence and/or driving skills. We know from providing training programmes to a wide variety of pupil abilities, how important it is to offer an unconditional channel of support for pupils – treating all with the dignity and respect that we would like. 


The entire customer experience has been created and refined over many years and often with the help of customer feedback via our survey platforms. When you come on board with BIG TOM as a driving instructor, it is important that you know the systems we have in place are tried and tested, and proven to offer customer satisfaction. This is how we have managed to collect the reviews that we have, and we would encourage you to browse through them [our learner site] to see the extent to which customers rave about our service.