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30th November 2022
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2nd December 2022

Removing stress for driving instructors

A must-watch video for trainee driving instructors and existing instructors. The BIG TOM Franchise proves that it is possible to not only control stress levels when you present a pupil for test, but actually enjoy the experience.

Taking pupils to test has historically been a potential stress point for driving instructors. Some ADI’s look physically unwell at the test centre, pent up in stress and anxiety. The regulatory test pass monitoring introduced in August 2021 has done nothing to help prevent instructors from getting stressed.

Driving instruction is certainly a high-risk job, but as you would expect in all walks of life, these risks can be mitigated by paying attention to THE WAY WE DO BUSINESS. In this video, the owner of the Franchise, Tom Ingram, (a registered ADI) talks the viewer through different stages of test day for instructors and pupils. You will see in this video clips from BEFORE as well as after the driving test took place. You will see and hear the thoughts of Tom, before the test takes place, as he has just prepared the driving school car for the test (wash and vacuum), on the way to the pupil, you will see the pupil driving to the test centre and also the dialogue between them after the driving test.

The beauty of this compilation of videos is that there was clearly no way of knowing at the time of the videos being created, how the test result was going to go. All of the views expressed by Tom are his own, it is clear to see the experience that he has accumulated since starting the driving school.

The BIG TOM Franchise offers instructors of all experiences an opportunity to start enjoying taking pupils to driving tests again. There are franchise systems in place within the training programme that ensures that the driving instructor has FULL CONTROL of the timing of the test. Too many intensive course providers expect the ADI who conducts the course to go to test regardless of driving ability and this is a recipe for stress, anxiety and DVSA data triggers for low performance.

When you view this video you will hear how you will have the full backing of the owner of the franchise, on this vital subject of driving test timing. Safety has always been the number one priority of the BIG TOM Driving School, and this message resonates loud and clear at various points in the video.

Whether a trainee driving instructor, a newly qualified instructor or an experienced ADI, there is something for everyone in this video. It is a fact that test-day nerves for instructors happen regardless of the level of experience: the feeling of nausea, nervousness about outcomes, trouble sleeping, and emotional unpredictability, the consequences are very real for anyone who suffers from test-day nerves.

The training programme that is created for BIG TOM customers is bespoke, this is why so many customers have great success because it is adapted to their particular needs. This is vastly different to how many intensive course providers operate: they typically will do a fixed number of hours and not be at all selective about the skills of the driving instructor. When you come on board with the BIG TOM Franchise, you will receive induction training specifically targeted at creating safe, efficient, thorough driving training within an accelerated learning programme. To be clear, there are no compromises made on the quality and scope of the training with BIG TOM training programmes. Very often our customers get to experience practising in many more different towns and cities than they would have done with traditional pay-as-you-go driving lessons – THAT IS A FACT.

One of the consequences of a driving instructor being very stressed on test day is that his or her behaviours are projected out to everyone including pupils and examiners. When pupils can sense that their instructor is anxious about the test, this does little to settle their nerves. There are proven, reliable techniques that our induction training provides to help alleviate this build up of stress. The BIG TOM Franchise pays a great deal of attention to the mental well-being of pupils and instructors because it is in everyone’s interests to feel confident, and prepared and have a self-belief about what is happening on test day.

You will hear the owner of the franchise talk about belief and how important it is to possess self-belief as a driving instructor, knowing for sure that what you are thinking, doing and saying is actually correct because as you will hear him say, “…we know what we are doing…”

With a personal driving test pass rate of over 80%, this franchise video will help you recognise what is needed to raise your professional standards. It is very important to realise that the best of intentions alone do not necessarily affect outcomes; an instructor cannot will a pupil to pass a driving test. There are a number of key interactions that occur within a training programme that lay the foundation for success and as a BIG TOM franchisee, you get access to them – THIS WILL DRAMATICALLY IMPROVE YOUR MENTAL WELLBEING.

As you learn the BIG TOM methodology, your working life instantly becomes more manageable and enjoyable. Long gone will be the feelings of fear and resentment when a pupil goes to test and fails. That sense of hopelessness where instructors begin to doubt their ability will be a thing of the past for you when you see how effectively the BIG TOM training programmes create successful outcomes.

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