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12th November 2023
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17th November 2023

Frustrations of a driving test result

In this vlog, the owner of the BIG TOM Franchise, Tom Ingram starts to explain how the TIP data triggers practically affect some instructors. These data triggers are monitoring what happens on driving tests and occur automatically when an instructor presents a pupil for test with their green badge being displayed.

The video raises an interesting point because Tom’s personal data points have since October 2021, not triggered a Standards Check recall, yet, it would not take many instances of test results like the one mentioned in Tom’s video, to see how quickly things change. Since 1/10/21 Tom’s personal figures have been: 80% + pass rate, 4.1 faults per test, 0.2 serious per test and just 1 physical intervention.

When you watch the video you will see how quickly those statistics can change just by one test result alone, and yet, the examiner appears to be encouraging the pupil to have another attempt.

It raises the question whether examiners should really be making light of test results in this current climate and even if it is indirect, stop encouraging pupils to “have another go”.

It also raises the question of whether driving training will inevitably become more about teaching pupils to pass tests rather than attempting to develop independently thinking drivers who engage in driving behaviours to maintain road safety in the UK.

You can also see for yourself how this affects Tom’s stress levels where at times the video shows him almost exasperated and speechless.