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24th May 2023
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Does it matter where you take your driving test?

In a recent meeting between the National Association Strategic Partnership and the DVSA (20/05/2023), the subject of pupils taking driving tests in non-preferred test centres was raised. 


The DVSA are monitoring which pupils are taking driving tests at their preferred driving test centre and for those who do, the pass rate is 65.9% For those who do not, the pass rate is 47.9% We believe that this is centred around the issue of some pupils feeling that they have to travel to non-preferred test centres in order to get a test slot within a reasonable period of time.  


The DVSA are quite keen to discover any means by which driving test pass rates can improve as every 1% increase in pass rate equates to 35,000 more tests being available per year. 


According to the minutes of the meeting, the DVSA asked,  “What can be done to improve this?” 


Here at BIG TOM, we do not obsess over location specific driving training. The pupil who passed his test yesterday on his first attempt could have taken his driving test in Boston or Grantham – it mattered not to him or to us – he practised in both!  


Owner of the franchise Tom Ingram says, “If you train to the DVSA Driving Standard, which is after all what all trainers are obliged to do, then we would all be developing future drivers to be able to drive anywhere – rarely if ever, is a new driver only going to drive in the location that they were tested in.” 


Ellie who passed her driving test with BIG TOM 10 days ago, trained in Peterborough, Spalding, Sleaford, Cranwell, Boston, Stamford and Grantham – she ended up passing her test on the first attempt in Boston. 


Laurie who travelled by train from her home in Nottingham to Grantham to get her BIG TOM intensive course actually took her driving test in Lincoln and passed on the first attempt.

Tom Ingram continues, “It was only a few months ago that a customer of BIG TOM from Peterborough who could not get a driving test slot there, ended up taking his driving test in Elgin, Scotland, and I’m very pleased to say, passed on his first attempt. If pupils are competent then where they go to test is really not the point… the problem is of course that far too much driving training has always been location specific which is why my franchise is revolutionising driving training.”


The feedback to the DVSA is clear, it all comes down to the quality of the training provided.  


If you, as a trainee driving instructor or a qualified instructor, would like to join a training provider who has integrity by providing a programme that is centred around skills rather than location, then call us now on 01928 508 833