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24th May 2023
Does it matter where you take your driving test?
26th May 2023

Giving you above average benefits

Customers who obtain their driving licence in a number of days or weeks are not just happy with the service provided to them, they are delirious. The reason why they are at this extreme height of happiness is that their achievement is not by any means normal. Customers get in touch with BIG TOM and are guided through the pre-booking process with care, as it is essential that all customers are given the best opportunity to achieve their goal of gaining their driving licence. But as with learning to drive by pay as you go driving lessons, there are no guarantees – it is not possible to force self-belief on a person, no matter how they learn to drive.

But it is possible, and the BIG TOM customer reviews repeatedly demonstrate the fact that a person who is naturally nervous, stressed, anxious or lacking in confidence can still have wonderful results by purchasing a BIG TOM intensive course.  And when there is a positive outcome for customers who normally suffer in these ways, the effect on them can be life-changing. Passing a driving test is a defining moment in many people’s lives; most people can go through their entire life remembering in detail an event that took no longer than 40 minutes.

Some of our customers come to us in their teens and find the process very helpful in creating a defining positive experience in their early life. Perhaps they might be struggling with their academic goals at school, college or university. It is possible that they are finding social activities at that age challenging. So to achieve such an indisputably momentous goal of passing their driving licence in just a matter of days is quite understandably magical.

We also have a large demographic of customers who are in their 30s and 40s who have decided that enough is enough, and they are fed up with putting up with living without having independent mobility. Often for these customers, they are attracted to the idea of allocating a small period of time away from their usual commitments to get a driving licence in a much shorter timescale than normal. But these older customers are equally prone to having emotional challenges where perhaps self-belief is limited. These are courageous individuals who are often facing up to their deepest feelings of self-doubt – and at BIG TOM, we understand how that feels.

If you can read the above with a sense of empathy or maybe even relate to these kinds of issues personally, then we invite you to get in touch as you are the kind of driving instructor that we want at BIG TOM. Your skills of understanding, unconditional support and ability to adapt to help individuals are valuable and what will set you apart from the average. In this driving school franchise we are not trying to expand across the UK with lots of mediocre driving training – we leave that to plenty of others to provide. What we want is a bank of driving instructors who can help to achieve the extraordinary, by providing extra value for customers who truly need it. In return, you too will receive above-average benefits.

Our experience to date shows us that there are enough customers out there who desire this level of service and are willing to pay for it. These customers will expect above-average service and recognise that this level of service does not come at “average” prices. You will be remunerated well and you will have the freedom to have holiday periods throughout the year previously unheard of in the driving training industry. To be clear, this franchise is not attempting to attract hundreds of driving instructors to provide ‘satisfactory’ training to thousands of customers – long hours and average pricing are really for other providers, not BIG TOM.

Our customers are capable of truly amazing achievements, they may not believe it when they start training with us, but we have super effective training techniques and skills to tell you about to help raise their awareness and belief levels. If you possess the desire and feel enthusiastic to be able to help these customers, then we would love to hear from you. Exceptional service requires exceptional personnel, and you will be a respected asset inside and outside of the franchise. To find out more, enrol on one of our 15 minute introductory online sessions and see how you can feel really good about creating so much value for customers. Call us on 01928 508 833