Expanding your driving school business
20th May 2023
Giving you above average benefits
24th May 2023

Booking your introductory session

Welcome to the BIG TOM Driving School Franchise. In the online introductory session, which lasts no longer than 15 minutes, you can expect the following subjects to be covered: 

Introduction from owner Tom Ingram 

Background history of company 

Evidence of latest financial year audited accounts (note: this period is now outside of furlough payments) 

Business Plan Template with examples of three typical workloads and subsequent financial figures 

Finance for brand new driving school car 

Real-life examples of P&L with links to potential holiday periods within the year, average number of working hours per day, average revenue expectations per customer, fuel costs 

Skills needed to provide value for a typical BIG TOM customer  

Entry level requirements for the franchise 

A brief overview of company processes 




Prior to attending the introductory session, participants must have signed the NDA (non-disclosure agreement) due to the sensitive nature of the company information being provided. There is no obligation on any participant to either provide personal information or commit to future involvement with the franchise. 


To arrange your personal invitation call us on 01928 508 833