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26th May 2023
Trainee driving instructor question
8th June 2023

Median average UK salary

According to the ONS, the median average salary in the UK is £33,000. One of the primary causes of dissatisfaction among UK driving instructors is failing to achieve an average salary unless working excessive hours.

The good news is that with the BIG TOM franchise, it can be demonstrated by the use of audited accounts for the financial year of 2022-2023, that it is possible to exceed the average salary without the need to work long hours. Yes, here, we use real, actual performance figures rather than “here is what you could earn”. 

In addition, it is often heard among instructors that the only way to obtain a revenue over 50k is by having no holidays and working weekends. We can show you very clearly, monthly figures that INCLUDE holiday periods, not that could have holiday periods. 


There can be many reasons why instructors have caps on their earning potential, here are a few: 


Lack of reputation: good business attracts more business. When a lone instructor has no “good name” out in the market place it is very hard to demand a decent fee for the service – it is afterall a big unknown for the consumer. 


Lack of experience: when new instructors come into the market, they lack the experience and skills that competitors have and this means that the value they can provide to customers is comparatively weaker. 


Poor systems: the qualification process to become a driving instructor does not include how to run a successful business; some newly qualified instructors do not feel confident. It is true that an established driving school that they can join may help them develop the necessary skills to be more efficient but at what cost? The key thing to avoid is signing up for a contract with high financial commitment but lacking in reliable sales forecasts. 


As is the case with any new business, the first few years are statistically perilous and by leaning on a franchise like BIG TOM, a new instructor can learn good practices, develop key skills and build that reputation further by providing a genuine abundance of value to learner drivers in their given territory. In the meantime, they also experience key business tools that improve efficiency.


And the benefits that come to the new franchisee are many. There is the piece of mind of knowing BIG TOM Admin has their back, a place to turn to where they don’t feel like one of thousands of other instructors, where their request for help is syphoned into a big black hole and after a long wait, someone in a remote location offers them bland, inaccurate advice because the essence of the problem was diluted having gone through so many layers of bureaucracy. 


This franchise offers instant, high quality in-person support, backed up by exclusive resources on the franchise intranet (video/operations manual/announcements/policy documents). This ensures communication flows both ways, without delay and is highly effective. Our support structure eliminates an often-heard criticism of driving school franchises where the driving instructor felt like a very small cog in an enormous, unforgiving and profit-sapping machine. 

Let us demonstrate this commitment to efficiency and clear communication by enrolling on one of our 15 minute digital introductory sessions, without any obligation. Call: 01928 508 833