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14th July 2021
The goal is to qualify
28th July 2021

40 reasons not to be a driving instructor

There are a number of things that suck the energy out of ordinary driving instructors. Let’s take a look at them.

The following won’t apply to you – you are working with a revolutionary driving school franchise.

This is what regular driving instructors have to deal with day in, day out:

  1. Pupils who think they are better drivers than they actually are.
  2. A diary that does not give you any personal time.
  3. Being sat still, all day long.
  4. Turning up to provide training, only for the pupil to cancel last minute.
  5. The high accident rate.
  6. Members of the public who are aggressive towards your pupils (or even you) while they practice.
  7. High driving school car insurance premiums.
  8. Not being shown any respect for your efforts.
  9. Missing out on good quality family time.
  10. Administrative work needing to be done at home.
  11. Having to continue paying franchise fees even in lockdowns.
  12. Not knowing if you are really doing a good job.
  13. Continually being asked to provide discounts.
  14. Being super exposed to Covid due to working with so many youngsters in a working day.
  15. The travel time/distance between customers.
  16. Eating at the wrong time of the day.
  17. Getting stressed at some pupils who just don’t get it.
  18. Trying to find test slots for pupils.
  19. Stress caused by roadworks, road closures, congestion.
  20. Being spoken to by driving examiners like you are a child.
  21. Having pupils crunch the nearside wheels up against the kerb.
  22. Rising fuel costs.
  23. Irrational, insulting, unfair social media reviews that damage your reputation.
  24. Working weekends.
  25. Tax accounts.
  26. Reducing prices to beat competitors.
  27. Smelly pupils.
  28. Anxiety caused by standards checks.
  29. Driving training in the rain, dark or cold.
  30. Repeating the same thing, over and over again.
  31. Feeling a bag of nerves due to how your pupil is driving.
  32. Customers who do not pay on time.
  33. Parents of pupils who are rude towards you.
  34. Pupils who regularly postpone driving lessons.
  35. A lonely existence.
  36. Low job satisfaction.
  37. Repeatedly practising on driving test routes.
  38. Low test pass rates.
  39. Pupils who do not recall any theory knowledge.
  40. Unsociable hours.


Put you off yet?

These are very real possible challenges to your day to day work. It is partly due to the above that the driving instructor register is in decline.  But here at BIG TOM we are revolutionising driving training.

We want you to succeed

With a dropout rate in the qualifying process of 66%*, actually, it’s kind of in BOTH of our interests to raise your awareness of the challenges. It takes a great deal of effort to qualify to be a DVSA registered driving instructor.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be that way. Yes, it may be the way things have been for a good many instructors, and no, they may not believe that it’s possible to obliterate these challenges from their working day, but…… *pssst* I’ll let you into a secret…… YOU CAN!!

The mental wellbeing of a driving instructor is very important for outcomes – if you ignore this fact, then yes, welcome to the world of frustration and misery.  You’ll probably be throwing it all in within a year or two.

Dependable work practices

With the BIG TOM franchise, we deal and manage each and every one of these challenges (the rain can be a challenge granted, but smelly pupils perhaps surprisingly isn’t!).  This better way of life comes at a price.  As with all good things in life, you pay for quality. But answer this quick question:

Would you prefer to be a driving instructor who works 2 hours to earn £46 or 1 hour?

Demand higher prices

Stupid question, yea? Well, these things don’t happen by chance. You can raise your earning potential by investing in the BIG TOM franchise and start working smarter, controlling your life, and seeing real benefits to your mental health.

But we are not in some magical world of fantasy here.  We aren’t even attempting to attract just anyone to come and waste their time qualifying.  We feel so confident in attracting the right type of person that we will refund you the qualifying training fees** if you are not successful.  So no, we aren’t in the business of trying to tempt just any person to come to our franchise, all we ask for is some time to get to know you so that we can see if you have what it takes to join our franchise.

The BIG TOM brand

You see, our reputation hangs on the calibre of our driving instructors.  It really is that simple.

A brighter future

So you can learn more about how we manage those challenges mentioned above, you’ll love what we have to guide you.  Call 01928 508 833 – ask to speak to Tom.

*The Driving Instructor’s Handbook (2021)

**excludes DVSA test fees and administration fee