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22nd July 2021
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9th September 2021

The goal is to qualify

And it is a mutual goal, we want you to succeed.  You want to qualify as a driving instructor and we want you to qualify as a driving instructor – we are so confident you will, we will refund you the fees if you don’t.

Our training has integrity

One of the core values in our Customer Charter is that we are a responsible training provider. What this means is that we take care to ensure that the training programme that we offer our customer is fit for purpose. And in a training environment, our customer wants a successful outcome.

Fast results – time is of the essence

With trainee driving instructors, however, our revolutionary approach to training is very much aligned to successful outcomes for the qualifying tests. The mutual goal that is shared between us is for our trainees to qualify and start enjoying the benefits of being in the BIG TOM franchise as soon as is reasonably possible.

Your training is risk-free

We will pay attention and spend perhaps more time and effort than others at the very start to ensure that we are embarking on a process where successful outcomes are maximised. Our guarantee is that if you are NOT successful in qualifying, we will refund your training fees (excludes DVSA test fees and Admin charge).  So it is in our interest to pay attention here.

Care and attention is our motto

Rather than accepting everyone onto our training programme and ignoring the success rates, we will make sure that the planned programme is realistic and achievable. The fallout rate for PDI’s who try to qualify is very high nationally BECAUSE historically, some training providers play a numbers game of enrolling as many trainees as possible.  And some of those trainees will have had very little prospect of qualifying – so it becomes a question of professionalism.

Training that is adapted to help you

This is no different to how we treat our pupils who want to learn to drive. We are able to provide bespoke courses for them too. We take the trouble to do this because it affects outcomes. We know this works because we have been doing precisely this for over ten years.

This is what makes our training meaningful.  It will work for you just as it will work for your pupils.