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28th July 2021
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13th September 2021

New timetable for standards check assessments

The DVSA has recently announced new driving test metrics that are being routinely monitored for each ADI who presents a pupil for a driving test.  What does this mean to you?

The specific data points will cover the previous 12 months of driving test results, looking at:
average number of driving faults per test – trigger is 5 or more
average number of serious faults per test – trigger is 0.5 or more
percentage of tests where the driving examiner had to take physical action in the interests of public safety – trigger is 10% or more
overall pass rate of the rolling 12 months – trigger is 55% or lower

This means that rather than the standards check assessment occurring every 4 years, ADI’s will be called up for an assessment depending on their performance of the above measures. The NASP has stated that back in March 2021, the DVSA had introduced the idea of this new approach to them in an attempt to help reduce the test backlog accumulated by the national lockdowns, by identifying ADI’s who need to be seen sooner for standards checks.

In effect, what this means in practical terms is that the DVSA are attempting to create pressure on ADI’s who consistently present pupils who fall below the new parameters on the test. The approach is that by having ADI’s presenting pupils for a test at a higher standard of ability, this will result in fewer driving test fails and, therefore, reduce the demand by repeat attempts.

BIG TOM has long-established systems in place that positively affects these data points. A typical driving test pass has less than 5 driving faults committed and that is as a result of the training programmes that we provide as being bespoke to the pupil’s individual needs.  Browse through our blog on the BIG TOM Learner site to see a regular mention about “first-time pass” and “less than 5 minors.”

We utilise proven systems to aid learning

We also have a well-utilised chain of assessment points that provide key feedback to our pupils of their driving ability in terms of competence and confidence.  What this means for you is that we have systemised, well-used processes in place to help you run your business.

We have a long history of assisting pupils who suffer from high anxiety, lack of confidence, learning difficulties, disabilities, and we very much hope to continue assisting these pupils for years to come.  You will be guided as to how you can cater for all types of learner drivers, not having to cherry-pick which pupils to work with.

The industry is being updated by the NASP, who are attempting to explain to the DVSA a number of adverse consequences of this approach to not only ADI’s but also the public. As it stands currently, the new assessment has been in place since 16/08/2021, and there is no sign of the DVSA reversing its action.

Experience counts

One thing that you can rely on is our support and guidance having been working in the industry for over 10 years.  You can be reassured that you have the backing of an organisation with experience in the driving training industry.  We haven’t just recently popped up offering amateur priced driving training, we are a well established and reputable organisation with a proven track record.