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9th September 2021
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How is the BIG TOM franchise different?

The franchise is really about YOU!

For training providers, it is difficult to overstate the importance of the calibre of the trainer.

You’re not a market trader!

Nationally, some intensive course service providers are attempting to treat this like a common market. They have a demand of pupils, and they simply join the pupil with a driving instructor willing to do an intensive course.  This has become known as ‘market trading driving instruction’, it is devalued, poor quality, and extremely unattractive to many.

The difference with BIG TOM is, we didn’t just pop up in 2021 – we have a long history of providing intensive courses to pupils. And that experience that we have gained over the years, has taught us many things.  We want to teach you this knowledge and the skills to run a successful, professional business.

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BIG TOM customers rightly have expectations, we understand and respect this fact. As we have learnt our trade, we have developed certain values, here are a few:

  • Every pupil is different – don’t treat them the same
  • Utilise ‘tried and tested’ teaching techniques that provide meaningful, long-term learning
  • Treat the pupil with care, respect and dignity
  • Adapt the learning experience to reflect how the pupil likes to learn
  • Create safe driving training
  • Develop systems that create successful outcomes
  • Adopt techniques that develop pupil’s awareness of ability

The mental well-being of pupils is fragile. Don’t be surprised if simply ‘connecting’ a customer with any willing, random driving instructor, leads to undesirable outcomes.  We know these poor practices are going on because disgruntled customers who have used those providers, tell us!

What our competitors don’t know…

The learning environment is critical to success.

The working relationship between instructor and pupil is important, as is the quality of the resources available and the teaching skill of the instructor. Thoughtless, systemised distribution of pupils across random driving instructors is no way to treat customers. The customer reviews of their BIG TOM experience don’t happen by chance; customers don’t provide reviews unless they are thrilled with the service provided.

You can get fabulous customer reviews too

The BIG TOM franchise is built on firm foundations. We take customer service seriously. There is a great deal more to providing a powerful learning experience than simply introducing pupils to random driving instructors.  So you can rest assured that you are in safe hands with all the knowledge, reputation and experience that the BIG TOM franchise offers you.

What are you waiting for?

We are proud to be able to expand our service to assist more pupils and if you want a taste of unrivalled job satisfaction, get in touch and receive some specialist training that excels.

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