How is the BIG TOM franchise different?
13th September 2021
The path to a new driving school business
23rd September 2021

Controlling your working week

With the BIG TOM franchise, you are in complete control of your working week.  We do not act as a third-party broker who simply allocates random intensive courses to random driving instructors.  This franchise takes a great deal of care ensuring that the work schedule suits both customer and instructor.  It is because of this attention to detail that franchisees join us to get back control of their work/life balance.

What you don’t want!

When driving instructors provide “pay as you go” driving lessons, the more pupils they have on their books, it is inevitable the more they lose control of their work schedule. Some pupils do want the same time/day each week, and others are much more unpredictable. It follows, therefore, that when they have 20+ pupils on their books, it is prevalent for the driving instructor to start feeling a natural loss of control for when they work. They start working very early or late in the day just to fit in all the pupils. What is even more stress-inducing is when a pupil cancels these early/late lessons last minute.

Pupils who aren’t getting lessons when they want to end up going to another driving instructor. Pupil retention can be a real problem for driving instructors who provide “pay as you go” driving lessons.

What you do want!

The BIG TOM franchise offers you complete control over your working week. You liaise with BIG TOM Admin giving the days/hours you want to work, and only those times go into your diary.
For example, if you want to limit the working week to one intensive course with one pupil and avoid evenings, BIG TOM Admin will work to that schedule. Perhaps you only want to work certain days or weekends? The point is, it is YOU who is controlling your diary.

So you might be happy providing a 45-hour intensive course over two weeks, with 4-hour sessions per day. You might want to limit your working day to no more than a four-hour session.

We pay close attention to the mental well-being of our instructors. That naturally involves understanding the work schedule that they want to commit to. Not only does this make for happy instructors, but it also improves working relationships with their customers.

Our magic formula

Simply distributing intensive courses to any willing instructor is no way to run a business.  Creating successful outcomes does require a level of care and attention that goes way beyond acting as a broker.  All of this crucial work is provided for our franchisees, so they really do sense being looked after and their wishes respected.