Controlling your working week
17th September 2021
Driving instructor qualification rates UK to June 2021
24th September 2021

The path to a new driving school business

As with any major project, it is vital to know the stages that need to be completed to achieve the goal of setting up your new business. This is about setting up a new driving school business FOR SUCCESS. Pretty much anyone can set up a new business and limp along painfully existing one month after the other. The objective here is for your new driving school business to thrive, immediately.

Our driving instructor training will help you qualify AND introduce you to the systems we have developed over several years. These systems achieve many goals, here are four:

  • They help to keep you safe.
  • They keep the learning environment calm, positive and constructive which is good for your mental wellbeing.
  • They help to develop an open working environment with effective communication so that your customers enjoy working with you.
  • They create a business with integrity and an outstanding reputation – this is your business and you want to feel proud about it.

All this leads to successful outcomes. It means that this franchise is more than just filling a driving instructor’s diary – as important as that is. As a responsible training provider, we look beyond the qualification process. Our intention is to arm you with the necessary skills and resources to:

Help you work with pupils of any ability – we are not selective in the pupils we take on

Create a learning environment that is conducive to maintaining mental health for pupil and instructor

Develop pupils to become safe, confident and competent drivers in a range of driving conditions

So yes, to come on board with us, we will need to show you the path and start at the beginning.  So you can tell us what your goals are; they might be related to controlling your hours, stop feeling in a rut, keeping your mind active, having a more sociable job. But crucially, the end WE have in mind goes beyond helping you to qualify. When we train you, we are looking to develop your skills for business success. Noticing the detail is a crucial skill for a driving instructor, and this is a detail that is worth acknowledging. Your driving instructor training with BIG TOM will show you the tools, techniques and systems that we adopt that creates meaningful outcomes.  We take the sweat of sales and marketing off of your “to do” list, because we know you want the freedom to concentrate on what you enjoy in your business, not the boring office work.

If you want to see evidence of meaningful outcomes, check out our customer reviews.