Wellness driving instructor training with BIG TOM
8th July 2021
40 reasons not to be a driving instructor
22nd July 2021

Creating successful outcomes

Of all the people who register to become a driving instructor with the DVSA, only a tiny percentage qualify – that will be YOU. The precise figure is not publicised by the DVSA but is felt in the industry to be 30% of the registered. That is a great deal of failure, probably for a wide variety of reasons, and this complex issue has been around the driving instructor training industry for many years.

Money-back guarantee

Here at BIG TOM we know that it isn’t possible to “force” successful outcomes with a binary approach to training – but we offer you our guarantee.  The idea that a PDI (trainee instructor) either can fit the mould of the perceived ‘fixed’ behaviours required or not, is a binary approach that lacks depth and sophistication. Human behaviours (and results) are effectively developed when there is a multi-layer approach to training that considers the variables of the person, the systems of work practice and the all-important interaction with BIG TOM personnel.

We make learning easier

We can offer people the opportunity to start a new career as a driving instructor that creates trusting relationships and positive outcomes. When people are considering a new career as a driving instructor, the variability of their needs is considerable. It is unwise to continue doing what has been attempted in the instructor training industry for decades, namely, banging square pegs into round holes, hoping that one or two may wedge into place. If training providers treat everyone in this same one-dimensional approach, is it any wonder that the fallout rate will be high?

You will qualify

Instead, what BIG TOM offers with our franchise is a dynamic, interpersonal organisation that builds levels of understanding not just in the needs of pupils’ driving training but also in our franchisee’s complex needs. In our understanding, each person brings with them individual, unobservable character traits, and so we provide them with a first-class system of resources that can accommodate personal needs.

What do you need from us?

Have you got unique needs to help you learn?  Allow our resources to help you learn, we’ve been using these tried and tested techniques for many years.

We can help you flourish

At the heart of what we do here at BIG TOM, is the acknowledgement that working with our customers is a personal journey to them. Therefore the well-being of our instructors is essential to successful outcomes.  Never before has it been so necessary to revolutionise the manner in which trainee driving instructors develop to flourish in providing meaningful learning for their pupils.  If you would like to find out more about how we go about our work, call Tom on 01928 508833.