The best driving instructor that you could be
7th June 2022
You can’t heal what you can’t feel
10th June 2022

We can help you achieve your dream

If someone was to ask you what is your dream, what would you say? 


In childhood we dream away don’t we, our imagination running wild. “I’m going to be a fireman”, “I would like to be an artist” and we let our thoughts be dominated by the prospect of actually being that person. But with age, experience, and a few knocks along the way, we can easily get these dreams beaten out of us. Sometimes, we even stop dreaming. This is sad. 


If becoming a driving instructor is what you are currently dreaming about, then dream on, because there are loads of reasons why people take this path.  


“I want a decent wage” 

“I would like to control my working day” 

“I want a job so that I can go and see all my daughter’s sports days” 

“I’m bored and I want an exciting challenge” 

“I just want to feel valued” 

“I love the idea of helping people pass driving tests” 

“If I can help towards improved road safety in the UK, then I’ll be very happy” 

“I want to be my own boss” 


Dreams can come true, you really can make the desire that you have in your mind become reality, your inner self is begging you to just listen and do something. But it is, unfortunately, true that some of us suffer from low feelings of self-worth, and do not value what we have done as being beneficial to the cause. At BIG TOM we are very keen to spend some time just listening to your story. We all have a story. Inside our stories are often golden nuggets that get covered over in mud. Sometimes we overlook a gem of a skill, an experience, or a previous job, and we consider it to be trivial or demeaning when in fact, it is far from it.  


“We all have the power to make wishes come true, as long as we keep believing”

                                                                                                                         Louisa May Alcott 


Be brave and start to turn that dream into a reality by calling us now on 07498 337 629, you will be treated with respect, dignity and in confidence. Let us help you to uncover some of those hidden gems you keep ignoring.