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24th September 2021
Above national average driving instructor performance
3rd October 2021

Training hours to suit your needs

When you are keen to retrain to start a new career with all the excitement that brings, what you DO NOT want to do is waste your time.

Don’t overtrain!

Many training providers have got set times in which the programme runs. Why?

How do they know how long it is going to take you to qualify?

*pssst*   The truth is, they don’t!

Why assume you need more than you do?

Why pay for more training hours than you need?

It doesn’t make sense, right?

So don’t do it!


You can gain more control of how this works by qualifying with BIG TOM. We don’t have preconceived ideas of how long it will take you. We work that out by careful planning and assessment before you even sign up with us.


That way you are not paying for training hours you do not need, and you are not having to ATTEND training sessions that are wasting your time.


We are a responsible, but no-nonsense training provider.

Slim, trim systems

Efficiency is key in business.


There is no room in business for waste.  This franchise does not accommodate inefficiency.


P.S. You will be surprised how many providers want to waste your time and money – DON’T LET THEM!