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15th October 2021
BIG TOM Driving School Franchise Wellbeing Charter
3rd November 2021

Releasing your potential

One of the reasons that BIG TOM has developed a reputation for outstanding customer service is that our culture releases the potential that we all have in us.

The thing is, on a day to day basis, many people often don’t realise their potential!

If you care to take a browse through the results that our customers achieve, you’ll repeatedly see incredible success stories that seem to defy norms.

If ever there is an anchor to creating a healthy culture, it is thinking in terms of norms, averages, as is sometimes characterised as “group think”.  These are organisations that happily compare their performance to ‘the average’.

Would you like a practical example?

The DVSA tell us in their independent research that the average time it takes to pass a driving test is seven months. Browsing through the BIG TOM blogs will show you that we turn it around in days and weeks; we aren’t even considering months.  We DO NOT compromise on the quality of training.

How does this happen?

The culture within BIG TOM involves shared goals where we openly engage with our clients to unleash their potential, free of judgment, without caring about norms; we nurture a working relationship that allows personal growth to flow by developing insight of confidence.


Ultimately, great things result from open, trusting relationships. We have long recognised that the focus of our attention in our training sessions is within the person who sits beside us.

All of this applies to YOU too

Once you realise the potential within you as a BIG TOM franchisee, success is only a few steps away.  Your increased confidence is the key that unlocks that potential.

When you join this franchise, you are joining a judgement-free organisation where being critical does not feature in the culture.

If you haven’t had the pleasure of working in such a culture, prepare to be amazed at just how great you are.


P.S. No dreamy-eyed, theoretical talking above.  We are revolutionising driving training BECAUSE our behaviours are not “average”.

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