A winning combination
14th October 2021
Releasing your potential
19th October 2021

First-Class Teaching Techniques

Your BIG TOM driving instructor qualifying training is effective, revolutionary and gets results!

When you come on board with us to start a new career, you want to know that you will be developing skills in yourself that add value to customers/pupils.

Your customers will LOVE the value you provide – they will pay you well for receiving service that has value.

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Be assured that you will receive first-class teaching techniques that are known to work – because BIG TOM has been around since 2009.

Look what this lecturer at Cambridge University recently said about the training she received:

Tom did a great job of building my confidence in my first few driving lessons. The lessons were paced well, and gave me the chance to get comfortable with the techniques before we moved on. Tom was extremely knowledgeable and gave clear instructions. I highly recommend learning with him!

High praise indeed from a Cambridge University lecturer!



When you teach – learning occurs

With our proven teaching techniques, you will get results for your pupils.  This will then mean that you can teach with authority.  You will create learning sessions with maximum value to your customer.


Customers know value when they see it.

P.S. There are thousands of customers living near you who are just waiting to receive first-class, professional driving training from you.

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