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28th June 2021
Wellness driving instructor training with BIG TOM
8th July 2021

Measuring driving performance

The BIG TOM Franchise is careful about the data that we follow to measure our pupil’s driving performance. All too often, driving schools will resort to driving test pass rates as the default data measure. But we know that with driving, the story doesn’t end with a driving test pass. One only needs to look at the prohibitive insurance premiums that have become the norm to recognise that it is clear that passing a driving test does not, in and of itself, create a safe driver who is confident and competent.

When you join this franchise, you are joining an organisation that develops the opportunity for pupils to learn how to drive that has longer-lasting effects than simply the behaviours on the driving test. And this is not a small point to make; there are plenty of intensive course providers who focus on the pass rates, with a tally of how many thousands of pupils pass the test with them. But all the evidence from the insurance companies suggests that “coaching” a pupil to pass the driving test is not the way to go. It is undoubtedly appealing to practically everyone; it’s easier for instructors, it is ultimately what the pupil wants, it makes for good social media content. However, when these pupils who have been conditioned how to perform on pre-rehearsed driving test routes then start to drive post-test, they often feel unconfident and unable to drive in the environment of modern-day driving conditions.

Here at the BIG TOM franchise, we conduct our driving training with a higher degree of integrity. Rather than simply telling our pupils to “obey” our instruction to pass a driving test, we instead develop independently thinking drivers who can adapt behaviours to differing circumstances. For example, we expect all pupils to have had a breadth of driving experience, regardless of any limitations that might be present in the location the pupil lives. We have devised a training programme that can cope with that eventuality and still offer a range of real-life driving situations for pupils to gain layers of experience. What does this look like in practical terms? If you take Boston in Lincolnshire, it doesn’t have national speed limit dual-carriageways despite its own driving test centre. So when we train a resident of Boston, we include in the training programme driving to other towns, cities, across county borders to experience dual-carriageway driving.

So you see, we are not limiting our service to the particular conditions where our pupils live. We endeavour to develop in our pupils the skills needed to safely and confidently drive in any towns/cities once they pass their test.

We do recognise how important it is for our customers to pass their driving test. We are a results-driven industry in so far as our pupils don’t get given a range of grades for their driving ability, they will either pass or fail. So we have the experience and knowledge to prepare our pupils for test day properly, but it is not our overriding priority. We don’t compromise on safety or confidence levels at the expense of notching up another test pass statistic. The data that we measure is there to have credibility for providing such an important service that impacts road safety. We have developed systems within our training programme that the franchisee is trained to understand and participate in. The passing of the driving test is a natural consequence of having trained our pupils properly, thoroughly, and with integrity.

You would choose to invest in this franchise because it brings you peace of mind in knowing that what you are contributing to daily at your work positively affects road safety improvement in the UK. The BIG TOM brand has flourished with this value for several years, and by joining us, you are continuing that good work but in your locality.