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12th November 2021
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7th December 2021

Helping people to learn how to learn

At its very core, this is what BIG TOM does in barrel loads. We help people to learn how to learn. We make learning easier.

How easy it is to forget

There is plenty of research that shows how ineffective classroom learning is. The majority of what is taught will be forgotten about after just one hour.

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We’re not fans of classroom learning environments here at BIG TOM. We’re not fans of long pauses in training at the side of the road with the engine off; this does not and rarely will inspire learner drivers.

How do we help learners?

Physiology drives emotion that drives feelings, that drive thinking that drive behaviour. Telling someone in a classroom how to behave is not smart. It won’t lead to long-term learning for learner drivers, and it won’t lead to long-term understanding for trainee driving instructors.

It all comes down to realising how we feel at any given moment; you might say, appreciating the moment.


With raised awareness, there is something to work on.

Mundane chat is tiring and boring

A driving instructor can talk to their pupil all day – it doesn’t mean there is a jot of learning going on.

It’s not a question of stamina, endurance and patience. It’s a question of being smart.


If you don’t relish the prospect of doubling your training hours to become a driving instructor so as to accommodate poor training techniques, then get in touch with us here.

THAT would be a smart move.

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