Data Privacy for BIG TOM Franchisees
7th December 2021
Open a Kent Branch
9th December 2021

Core values for the BIG TOM franchise


The number one priority for BIG TOM franchisees is to maintain safety for customers and other road users.  We incorporate many techniques to nurture this goal and training is provided to ensure that all instructors use the systems we have developed over many years.  This franchise is not providing a “one size fits all” fixed-hour training package; courses are carefully tailored to customers’ needs – they are bespoke.  Customers liaise with BIG TOM Admin prior to any bookings in order to accurately identify the correct intensive course that reflects their individual circumstances.

The delivery of our courses is provided within a mutually respectful working environment where instructor and pupil are utilising constructive techniques to maximise learning potential.  This is an important distinction with our accelerated learning programme.  It appeals to customers who are invested in turning things around in faster timescales than traditional “pay as you go” driving lessons without compromising on quality.  Customers are provided with the opportunity of making the learning process easier by engaging in our high-quality resources.  This shared understanding between instructor and pupil is extremely important for mutual mental wellness.

Our franchise is designed to reduce risks for franchisees – financial, emotional, competency and road safety.  The benefits that are provided are intended to maximise the effective working relationship between franchisor – franchisee – pupil.


To receive with no obligation our Franchise Information Memorandum (NDA required) ring 07498 337 629