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4th March 2022
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What does a driving instructor do

One of the most common questions asked by people who are considering being a driving instructor as a new career, is what does a driving instructor do?  It is one of those jobs that everyone can have a dabble at, perhaps in a quiet car park with a son or daughter, but actually, what do you need to be able to do if you are teaching someone other than your own child?

Well, in this very helpful video, owner of BIG TOM, Tom Ingram, expands on some of the factors that any good driving instructor will take into account when working with a pupil.  Although it is very common and even tempting to think that all pupils are more or less the same, the reality – as this video shows – is that pupils can vary tremendously depending on the a wide range of factors.

Watch the video here to see if you like the idea of joining the BIG TOM franchise

If you pay no attention to the potential obstacles to learning that there may be in a working relationship with a pupil, then progress can easily be inhibited.  When driving instructors only work with pupils for one hour per day, the chances of them picking up on the detail is very much reduced compared to working with a pupil for 4+ hours in a training session.

But the instructor does need to be “receptive” to the idea of looking out for clues and signs of potential issues that can frustrate learning.  It has long been the view at BIG TOM that the most important “asset” of the driving school is the calibre of the driving instructor.  When a driving instructor is working effectively with a pupil, safety is maintained, a constructive learning environment is set, and extremely good progress is achieved.  This is how BIG TOM is able to receive the customer reviews that it does.